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PUBG’s loot box system has one big flaw – Polygon – Remember when your crates didn’t come with a microtransaction?.

PUBG’s loot box system has one big flaw. New, 34 comments. Remember when your crates didn’t come with a microtransaction?

Two more free PUBG crates will be available in the future. To grab your PUBG freebies, just head over to Twitch and click the crown button next to the search bar.

Opening +265 Free Crates Classic, Premium, Royal Pass 😱🔥   PUBG MobilePUBG developer publishes loot box drop rates – Polygon – PUBG developer publishes loot box drop rates. New, 6 comments.

And here are the odds on the rarest items, all found in PUBG’s new free Biker crates, from today’s patch notes:

When you play PUBG Mobile for the first time, you might feel a bit naked just wearing a simple boxershort. So what you need to do is open crates such as soldier’s crates and hero’s crates.

PUBG Update 17 just landed on Xbox’s live servers, and some players on the game’s official subreddit have received an unexpected surprise. Triumph Crates and weapon skins are apparently being.

How to Get Clothes in PUBG. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) offers a wide variety of clothing customization options that can be collected in different ways.

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